The C is for Clean Story

When my kids were born, I started to pay attention to what cleaner I used – the kids put everything in their mouths. I was horrified to learn what commercial cleaners were made of: Toxins, carcinogens, and stuff that was used to make chemical weapons in World War II.

When I found my grandmother’s old cookbook it had a whole chapter dedicated to cleaning recipes, I was inspired. It turns out that before there were chemical factories, people made cleaners in their homes with household ingredients. So I started making my own cleaners. After two years of experimentation, I developed a blend that I LOVED! It worked, it smelled great, and I knew and trusted the ingredients that were in it. What’s more – other people liked it. I started making it for family and friends- in fact my family loved it so much they joined the company!  In 2013, we started exhibiting in a craft show. We won best in show, and were featured by local and national magazines. 

So how are our cleaners different than my Grandmother’s? Her cleaners worked great, but they smelled like a fish and chips truck and came in a bucket. Ours smell great – like lavender, lime/ginger, or other great citrus scents and come in beautiful bottles with a little gingham bow on each of them. But what is the same about our cleaners is that they started in the kitchen, they’re made with real ingredients (we put ours on our label), and that they do real cleaning. 
So give it a try. Shake it Spray it Wipe It. And See it Sparkle. From my family to yours. 

Chef Maggie