• Keep your home

  • CLEAN & Beautiful. Naturally.
  • Feel GOOD

  • using around children & pets.
  • Get a STREAK FREE shine

  • with NO harsh chemicals.
  • CHEF created in the KITCHEN

  • using REAL, fresh ingredients.
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Keep your home

CLEAN & Beautiful. Naturally. Lavender & Vanilla


using around children & pets. Sweet Orange & Lemongrass

Get a STREAK FREE shine

with NO harsh chemicals. Lime & Ginger

CHEF created in the KITCHEN

using REAL, fresh ingredients. Pink Grapefruit

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When "NO" is a good thing.

NO toxins, NO dyes, NO BPA, NO petroleum by-products, NO harm to the environment, NO animal testing,
NO nasty chemicals, PERIOD!


This is cleaning. This is therapy. This is happiness in a bottle. Cleans everything, smells great. 

I had to hide it from the housekeeper because he fell in love with it, but that got expense for me, so now I keep it hid for my own cleaning and enjoyment.

What a great Baby Shower gift this would be. 

And did you notice there is Witch Hazel in this formula? If you're not familiar, it is truly nature's wonder healer.

Love all the scents, but the LAVENDER & VANILLA is my favorite.

Tara Jewell

One simple spray and my stainless steel appliances (range, refrigerator, dishwasher and even my stainless steel sink look beautiful - no streaks, no fingerprints! I especially love the fragrance that this product leaves in the air! I'm hooked..


Absolutely love this stuff!!! Just gave my momma some for an extra gift for Mother's Day!!! She's in love!! Smells great! Cleans awesome! Can't recommend enough!

Lisa Welch

I saw them doing demos with this at the One of a Kind show last year, cleaning mirrors. I didn't believe it. Turns out there's no trick. There really isn't anything else like it. I used to clean with vinegar, but couldn't stand the smell it left. It dries super fast. I've smelled them all and this is the most pleasing to me. Also, it's the only thing to take the tea stains out of the bottom of my mug.

Amanda Settler

This stuff is magic. Picked it up at the One Of A Kind Show earlier just in time for spring cleaning. It smells fantastic and cleans even the toughest spots. It's great for everyday cleaning on glass, mirrors, countertops, even floors! Perfectly pet safe as well! Love that it's all natural without any harsh additives. I feel like we can breathe easier since we've started using this stuff. Definitely recommend!


I purchased the Lavender & Vanilla cleaning product at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and absolutely fell in love with this product. I threw out all my other products as this is the only one I need.
Not only does it do an amazing job, smells heavenly in the house and is safe for everyone in the household, but the ladies behind this creation are fantastic individuals.
I was struck by the passion that shone through while speaking with them. They put all of their heart and love into these products and it is evident in conversation and in the quality of their product. 
I could go on and on, but I would be covering this whole page. 
Buy this product for yourself, for a gift and you will find yourself coming back to this site buying more (which is what I am currently doing).
Great Job C IS FOR CLEAN!!

Meghan Hall

I bought this cleaner at the one of a kind show in Toronto. I bought at the recommendation of my daughter. I love it :heart_eyes:. I clean everything but the marble with it. It does a great job on the hardwood floor, counters and furniture. This is the best cleaning product I have used and believe me at my age I have used a lot. Great job ladies.

Wendy Yeates